N40AI 2024
Sat 20 Jan 2024 London, United Kingdom
co-located with POPL 2024
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Sat 20 Jan 2024 London, United Kingdom

N40AI 2024 with POPL 2024

The purpose of the Next 40 years of Abstract Interpretation (N40AI) event is to gather ”4 generations of PhDs in abstract interpretation” and to reflect on the past, current, and future research trends in this field. Abstract interpretation was proposed in the 1970s by Patrick Cousot and Radhia Cousot as a general formalism to compare program semantics. The landmark papers at POPL’77 and POPL’79 have inspired an ...

Wed 18 - Fri 20 January 2017

N40AI 2017 with POPL 2017

In POPL 1977 Patrick and Radhia Cousot introduced Abstract Interpretation in a very well known seminal paper which is still the best ever cited of POPL. The worksop is intended to celebrate this event 40 years later in Paris at POPL 2017. Invited speakers from academia and industry active in fields where abstract interpretation is or can be successfully applied will discuss the new challenges that abstract interp ...