POPL 2017
Sun 15 - Sat 21 January 2017
Fri 20 Jan 2017 11:45 - 12:10 at Auditorium - Type Systems 3 Chair(s): Derek Dreyer

We present Turnstile, a metalanguage for creating typed embedded languages. To implement the type system, programmers write type checking rules resembling traditional judgment syntax. To implement the semantics, they incorporate elaborations into these rules. Turnstile critically depends on the idea of linguistic reuse. It exploits a macro system in a novel way to simultaneously type check and rewrite a surface program into a target language. Reusing a macro system also yields modular implementations whose rules may be mixed and matched to create other systems. Combined with compiler and runtime reuse, Turnstile produces performant typed languages with little effort.

Fri 20 Jan (GMT+02:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna change

10:30 - 12:10: POPL - Type Systems 3 at Auditorium
Chair(s): Derek DreyerMPI-SWS
POPL-2017-papers10:30 - 10:55
Andrej DudenhefnerTechnical University Dortmund, Jakob RehofTechnical University Dortmund
POPL-2017-papers10:55 - 11:20
Nada AminEPFL, Tiark RompfPurdue University
POPL-2017-papers11:20 - 11:45
Carlo AngiuliCarnegie Mellon University, Robert Harper, Todd WilsonCalifornia State University Fresno
POPL-2017-papers11:45 - 12:10
Stephen ChangNortheastern University, Alex KnauthNortheastern University, Ben GreenmanNortheastern University