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Sun 15 - Sat 21 January 2017
Avik Chaudhuri

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Name:Avik Chaudhuri

I created Flow, a type checker for JavaScript based on flow analysis whose distinguishing characteristics include mostly-automatic type checking for several common JavaScript idioms via advanced type inference, and near-instantaneous response times via aggressive modularization and parallelization. My current work involves leading the development of Flow at Facebook.

I briefly served as a member of ECMA TC39, the de-facto JavaScript design committee. During that time, I explored the design of features such as shared-memory concurrency control, and the implementation of advanced compilation techniques such as profile-guided type inference, in the context of JavaScript.

While at Adobe, I led the design of ActionScript 4, a significant re-implementation of the source and bytecode languages underlying Flash to target high-performance gaming. I drove research on future versions of ActionScript, including features such as generics and transactions.

Country:United States
Research interests:programming languages, code analysis, computer security


POPL 2017 Session Chair of Type Systems 1 (part of POPL)
Fast and Precise Type Checking for JavaScript: Are you in Flow?
Committee Member in Program Committee within the POPL-track
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